Tips for Small Businesses Managing Social Media During the Coronavirus

For those not used to prioritizing social media, the pandemic has presented a steep learning curve.

Small businesses have been hit hard in the last few months. From forced closures to layoffs and amplified pressure to connect with their customers authentically, the road has been far from smooth. Most businesses have lost most of their communication avenues with their customers, except for their website and social media. For those not used to prioritizing social media, this has presented a steep learning curve. As states begin to reopen in phases, there will again be a shift. Businesses that were closed might now need to share updates with their loyal followers about their reopening. Read on to learn about some key pointers you should prioritize when making a new social strategy.

Add to the Conversation and Not the Noise via Social Media

By and large, it is a good idea for smaller businesses to continue to post on social media if there are resources available to do so. For most companies, this is now the primary customer communication tool that is available. The key to success lies in providing value to all of your followers, not just more content to look through. Whether your business is closed up or open in some capacity, you likely have things you would like to offer customers beyond your services or products. Give some behind the scenes looks at your products through a live stream. Or consider giving tips or advice to customers during these challenging times. Create a space or community for your customers for everyone to engage as much as possible.

Prioritize Safety and Be Very Transparent through Social Media

Any step towards normalcy is both exciting and anxiety-inducing during these times. If you have had to shutter your business temporarily and are now getting ready to reopen in some form, you likely have a long to-do list and a short time to get it all done. In your posts regarding reopening, lead with safety. Cover which new procedures you have in place for your staff and business to ensure your customers’ comfort and health. Even smaller details like having staff wash their hands consistently go a long day with helping ease your customers.

Experiment and Engage with New Audiences

Although it might seem counterintuitive, now is an excellent time to try new things with your social media platforms. As a small business owner, you might have shied away from creating videos because of logistics and time. However, you do not need a professional camera and studio to create quality social media videos; you need a cellphone and some inspiration. Consider creating some team profiles, questions, and answers, behind-the-scenes videos, livestreams, and more. Video offers a great chance for engagement and reach compared to other content types. Now is the opportunity to try something new for your business.


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