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The Importance of Accessible Web Design

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Making sure all customers are able to use your web design is important in maintaining stellar customer relations.

In America, there are many laws and regulations in regards to accommodating those with physical disabilities. For example, in any public building that has more than one floor, there must be an elevator installed so that those using wheelchairs or movement-assisted devices can access the upper floors safely. There must also be parking spaces reserved for those with registered disabilities in parking lots, and all restrooms must be a certain width to allow for wheelchairs. Although there has been a great effort in inclusivity for those with disabilities, there is no sort of cohesive accessibility laws in regards to creating internet websites for businesses. That’s why a reputable web designer like Adventure Web Interactive will ensure that your website can be accessed by any and all people who may need your services. Here’s why having an accessible web design is so vital to maintaining a solid relationship with all customers. 

What is Accessible Web Design?

Believe it or not, almost every type of disability, whether it’s physical, mental, or sensory, can be affected by the web design and layout of a website. This is because using a phone or a computer involves motor function, intellectual ability like reading, and using the senses to see or hear. But web design isn’t just limited to those with registered disabilities– a large portion of the population, seniors, also struggle with using websites for similar reasons. Therefore, having a website that only internet-savvy, able-bodied youngsters can use and access easily is alienating a huge portion of a customer base. It’s always important to make sure your web design is easy to navigate and be used by everyone.

Accessible Web Design Tips

There’s a number of actions that can be taken when it comes to accessible web design. Adventure Web Interactive, for example, is currently a leader in making WordPress-based accessible web designs for businesses all across the DMV and beyond. Some of the ways we incorporate accessibility into our websites for our clients are emphasizing proper headings and lists, choosing accessible fonts and sizes that are easy to read, a consistent, complementary color scheme, and adequate amounts of white space for larger font resizing. In addition, in our blog posts, we make use of “alt texts” in photos so that the visually impaired can easily have a text-to-speech software program “read them” the image contents. 

Why It Matters

All of this takes much more time and effort than just making a cookie-cutter standard web design for your company. By partnering with Adventure Web Interactive, we guarantee that your website can be accessed by everyone with ease. 

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