The Essential Principles of Web Design

Web design matters as well if you want to grab the attention of your website followers and visitors.

While high-quality and excellent content is important, web design matters as well if you want to grab the attention of your website followers and visitors. How your website looks and how simple it is to navigate through the pages could have more significant impacts than you think. One crucial impact is converting readers into customers or followers. It is paramount to be creative when designing your webpages without forgetting your audience. That is why we are here to give you some of the essential principles of web design that you should never ignore.


If your web visitors can’t navigate throughout your website quickly, you should be ready for a higher bounce rate. This is because they’ll leave your page a couple of minutes after accessing it. This also means that your visitors or followers won’t take the action you intended for them to take. Have a hierarchy page, and make sure that your visitors can find the information they’re looking for in just three clicks, otherwise known as the “Three Click Rule.”


Your website, regardless of having the symmetrical or asymmetrical design, should be balanced. In asymmetrical, the right side of the page is not equal to the left. For example, you might have a large portrait on the left of the page, and have a more heavy font on the right. In comparison, in a symmetrical design, both the left and right halves of the web page should be equally identical. In all cases, there must be a balance. This is key to good web design.


Graphics are an excellent way of capturing the attention of page visitors. Nonetheless, make sure that they are not slowing down your web page. Slow pages can be very annoying. Also, don’t add graphics at the start of your page. To be precise, avoid having any graphics above the fold.

Negative Spaces

Give readers some time to look away from the screen. Let their necks relax a bit while they wait to read the next line. How to do this? By having some negative spaces in between paragraphs. This negative space allows the reader to comprehend and soak in what they just read.


The use of colors can be a bit tricky, as different people love different colors. The important thing is to ensure that readers can read the font without straining too hard. The trick is to have a different background color with that of your font. The graphics should also have a different color. Finding the right color palette is key to your web design.

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