The Benefits Of Twitter Embedded Videos And Photos For Tweets

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If you haven’t heard, the Social Media Network Twitter has redesigned not only its layout but also its tweet (message system) functionality.

The new functionality of tweets allows Twitter users to embed photos and videos into the 140-character message. The photos can even be displayed in a personalized twitter photo gallery, which includes its very own Twitter photo filter.

This redesign is huge for business marketers because it opens the door to more customer lead generation because picture and videos are easy to share, highly visual and effective.

Video files can be shared from YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, and Ustream (live streaming video) without leaving Twitter’s social media platform.

Video and photo sharing on Twitter is now faster, easier and richer.

How can your business benefit from this redesign? Your business can now input as much enriching content as possible to your Twitter Business page to directly reach out to your targeted audiences. Promotable Tweets can include flyer advertisements, business commercials, event photos and more.

Twitter is a must for business marketing solutions because Twitter has roughly 160 million users and this number is growing every month.

Here are a few ways you can use embeddable tweets to generate new leads and more effectively market your business:

  1. Expand the reach of your Twitter Business conversations by sharing your tweets outside of your Twitter network. Tweets can be shared directly on your company website, business blog and a variety of business social media platforms.
  2. Embed customer testimonials and positive comments about your business products and services. Consumers love to hear good reviews about company’s they are potentially seeking products/ services from. Twitter widgets are now available for you to add to your website as a list of customer testimonials.
  3. Embed business event invitations to your Twitter community. You can also add opinions and valuable ideas from your industry into your company blog posts.

Adventure Web Productions can embed your valuable Twitter photos and videos directly to your website, blog and more.

We are here to provide you excellent Social Media Marketing Services.


Here are some features of our custom Social Media Campaigns:

  • Custom skinned blog
  • Facebook business profile/places page
  • Twitter business account
  • LinkedIn business page
  • Flickr profile
  • Custom skinned YouTube channel
  • Delicious
  • Digg
  • StumbleUpon
  • Google places page
  • And many more…

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