Surprising Myths Surrounding Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

You’re always going to need new customers, and the best way to attract them is through social media.

There are a lot of rumors floating around about social media marketing, because it’s still a relatively new way to get the word out.  And without a large following, starting out and gaining speed can seem intimidating.  You may think you don’t even need a social media presence at all.  But as we move forward, social media is becoming more and more popular, and falling behind could end up costing you business.  You’re always going to need new customers, and the best way to attract them is through social media.  Let’s dispel some myths that surround social media marketing.

Myth 1: My clients aren’t on social media.


This is a frequent excuse that many people use in order to squeeze their way out of social media marketing.  They will claim that their main customer base has nothing to do with an online presence, or that the age range is far too high for social media to be relevant.  The fact is, all generations today are using social media.  Use any form of public transportation and look around you–nearly everyone is using some sort of platform, and those are people you could be advertising to.


Myth 2: My service is separate from social media.


Now that we have reviews available at the touch of a button, this simply isn’t the case.  Facebook, for instance, allows customers to leave reviews and ratings for your business.  This certainly has an impact on whether or not you’ll be getting business.  Regardless of your service, someone is going to Google it to make sure you’re worth their time and effort.  With no social media presence, you can’t hope to win them over, because you’ll look inactive and inattentive.


Myth 3: I’m doing just fine without social media.


That may be true; business could be booming for you even if you don’t have a social media presence.  But your clients and customers are not set in stone.  They are not permanently affixed to your business.  Eventually, you’ll need to wrangle in new customers, and as social media grows, you’ll need a presence that can keep up with the changing times.


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