Spring Cleaning Tips For Your SEO Campaign

New Google Algorithms Factors Content Accuracy

Does your current SEO campaign reflect strategies that are producing results?

What does spring cleaning mean to you? For most people, the concept of going through your home and throwing away old clothes and household items that you haven’t used in recent months comes to mind. Spring cleaning is all about being out with the old and in with the new – have you thought about what this means for your current SEO campaign? Now is a great time to consider eliminating strategies in your SEO campaign that are no longer producing results and giving users a fresh update on what’s to come.

Update Your Blog

If you haven’t been regularly adding content to your blog, now is the time to start. You want to give your users an exciting reason to revisit your site or connect with you on social media weekly. From an SEO standpoint, the more content and keywords your website generates, the more indications Google has that your business is alive and relevant.

Use Your Social Media Accounts

Having social media accounts set up is an important part of digital marketing and your SEO campaign. The most important aspect? Actually using them. Your social media accounts provide backlinks to your website when you share your content. Boost your presence and engage your audience by bringing the updates to them!

Clean Up Your Landing Pages

Landing page optimization is a great way to improve your SEO. If your landing pages are cluttered with roadblocks or errors, it will negatively effect your bounce rate (BR) and click through rate (CTR). Search engines want to guide users to websites that will produce a good experience. The better the overall experience is, the better your SEO and ranking will be. By cleaning up your landing pages and fixing errors, you are improving the overall SEO of your website and giving users the opportunity to enjoy your content before clicking away in frustration.

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