Social Media Images: Avoid These 5 Mistakes

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If you want to continue sharing appealing social media images, avoid these five mistakes.

Your brand’s social media presence is a crucial component of your digital marketing endeavors. The images you choose to use with your social media posts are essential for determining whether your posts have an impact on your target audience. But how do you know which images are best? There are many options available, and the best image often depends on your brand and what you are selling. However, avoiding the following five mistakes will always help ensure that your social media images are clear, attractive, and relevant to your message.

Your Images Are Blurry

One major mistake you always want to avoid is choosing blurry images. This can happen if the image file is too small, which means the image has to stretch and become pixelated. Pixelated or blurry photos make your brand look unprofessional, and these posts are much less likely to be shared. Always upload a large, high-resolution photo to ensure the best image clarity. 

Your Fonts Are Difficult to Read

You may want to add pretty, intricate fonts to your social media images. However, although the font may be beautiful, it might be challenging to read on social media. You should remember that your audience will be seeing your post while scrolling quickly, and you only have so much time to get your message across. If the reader cannot decipher your font, they won’t stick around to figure it out. 

You Are Using the Wrong Colors

The colors you select for your social media images should reflect the style and tone of your business. In addition to considering whether the colors are consistent with your brand, you should consider whether these colors are easy on the eyes. For instance, neon letters on a neon background will look harsh to most readers and would be highly inappropriate for, for example, a wedding photography business. That wedding photographer should use colors associated with their business, such as white, silver, cream, and gold. 

You Are Using Every Inch of Space

Negative space surrounds the objects and text in your images, and it is a crucial part of designing imagery. A typical mistake designers make is to fill up an entire graphic space with letters and shapes. This can look very busy and cluttered, however, and confuse your followers. It’s important to remember that sometimes “less is more” when it comes to social media images.

You Are Not Considering Every Platform

When posting on social media, you have to consider how your audience is viewing your content. One image may look good on a desktop window but may be hard to appreciate on a smartphone app. If possible, you can consider selecting different social media images for different platforms. Some photos may work better on Pinterest, while others work better on Facebook. Consider these factors when finding your best images. 

Ultimately, the purpose of your social media images should always be to attract eyes to your posts and drive visitors to your website. 

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