How Social Media Affects Online Search Rankings

search-engine-optimizationIn blogs, and content marketing, we all know that social media is key! However, not everyone understands how social media affects organic search results. It’s important for you to understand that Google doesn’t take social media directly into account in its ranking algorithm. It does, however, look at social signals when deciding on website rankings. Today, we’ll go over how Google and social media interact with one another and explore the ways in which social media marketing affects search rankings. Let’s begin.

Google And Social Media

Google has a complicated relationship with sites such as Facebook and Instagram. It’s not so much social media accounts that affect search results, but instead the results (content) of these accounts. With millions and millions of social media profiles producing online content, it’d be more than convenient if we all only needed one in order to rank well on Google. This, unfortunately, is not the case. With a pandemic of fake profiles, the major reason simply having one social media profile is ineffective when ranking well in Google’s search results is because of these phony accounts! The search engine, however, can’t afford to overlook social media completely when there are a fair share, and majority  and authentic social media profiles buzzing around the internet. So, Google, instead, evaluates social media content, clicks, and hits instead of the profiles themselves when ranking pages.

How Can I Use Social Media To Improve Search Engine Optimization?

To improve how your site ranks on Google, using social media marketing to do so is an extremely effective method. It is a process, though. First, you’ll need to gain a following. Google is a smart enough search engine to know when you have legitimate followers and spam followers. Purchasing hundreds of fake followers will actually hurt your site’s search engine optimization, rather than help it. If you have quality followers who are interested in keeping up with your brand, this will ultimately help you Google rankings. Social media is a powerful tool for small, local businesses interested in earning more customers. Optimizing your posts for local search engine optimization brings substantial traffic to your web page. Consider this method to improve clicks, and Google rankings.

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