How Do People Find Businesses on Twitter?


Understanding how Twitter users interact with small businesses is key in mastering the platform as a means of marketing.

Users take advantage of Twitter for a number of reasons: to find humorous posts, to funnel news they want to hear their way, and to discover new things from the comfort of their phone screen. Thanks to the nature of the platform, it’s pretty easy to find out what people’s interests are and target advertising towards them directly. It’s important for businesses and marketers alike to understand how people find businesses on Twitter, what they do once they’ve found them, and how to retain that audience into the future.

Why Follow Someone on Twitter?

A follow on Twitter is an opt in to see your content regularly. It’s like subscribing to a short form newsletter. Many Twitter users log on weekly, or even daily, to see content from creators they like—and that includes businesses. While it’s certainly easier for larger, brand names to garner that interest, small businesses can have some luck on the platform as well.

How Do People Discover You?

Perhaps the most effective way of gaining followers is to show up in their “who to follow” section. This can be done organically if a user already followers similar accounts—which is a fantastic way to network within your industry, but isn’t always the best way to reach your target audience of customers. Instead, you may need to promote your account to actually show up in this section to give yourself maximum exposure. Creating engaging content is also a big way to get followers. Twitter is a platform that encourages creativity and a human element. Don’t be afraid to crack a few jokes, make your own relevant meme, or respond directly to users who have questions or comments.

Why is This Important?

Amassing followers on Twitter indicates that these users feel some level of loyalty to your business. They’re not looking out for your competitors, they want to hear what you have to say. In return, it’s your job to continue to provide content that got them there in the first place. Informative posts are always a good idea, especially if it can somehow save the consumer a bit of money. Keeping your content fresh and new is the best way to keep your audience around.

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