New Website: The Fine Art of George Sakkal

New Website: The Fine Art of George SakkalAdventure Web Interactive is proud to welcome many different types of industries into the ADVP family. Recently, they have a new addition: The Fine Art of George Sakkal. Fine art is essential to life, and Adventure Web is honored to host Sakkal’s new website, which you can access here.

About George Sakkal

George Sakkal has an extensive and impressive career in fine art and architecture. He has a Bachelor in Architecture from the School of Architecture at Texas A&M University, a Master in City Planning from Harvard’s Graduate School of Design, and three years of study for a Ph.D. in Policy Science from the University of Maryland. He has served as a Peace Corps volunteer architect and Associate Peace Corps director from 1966-1971. He also served as Principal Planner, Editor, and Director of Research Publications for the Baltimore Regional Council of Governments. 

George Sakkal’s avocation has been Fine Art for over fifty years. Besides winning multiple national and regional competitions over the years, he has taught and lectured on collage and his discovery of CUVISM at the University of Maryland.

An Era of Chaos: In Search of Cultural Truth

Sakkal’s book, An Era of Chaos: In Search of Cultural Truth, comes out December 2020 and is available on Amazon and most bookstores. In a research period of ten years, Sakkal discovered that the postmodern ideology of art theory, linked with Marcel Duchamp’s philosophy, is faulty. Sakkal introduces the idea of CUVISM, Cognitive Unconscious Visual Creativity, as a breakthrough in understanding the cognitive psychology of artistic creation.

Fine Art Prints

George Sakkal’s new website features a multitude of fascinating collage art prints for sale. From urban landscapes to verdant scenery, there is something to capture everyone’s imagination.

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