How to Target your Audience on Facebook

Facebook Audience

Get more audience interaction with your content by utilizing Facebook’s Audience Insights Tool.

Facebook is one of the most essential tools for businesses. Because Facebook is so heavily used by so many people, it’s more likely that your business will be discovered if it has a Facebook page. In fact, many people who want to learn more about your business will intentionally look up your Facebook page for information. It may seem like a good idea to spread advertisements for your business among a large group on Facebook, but if the people seeing your ads are not in your target demographic, there’s little chance that you’ll see a return on your advertising investment. To make sure that your advertising campaign is being seen by the right people, you want to target your audience. There are a few simple ways to do this on your own, and Adventure Web is here to show you how.

The Facebook Audience Insights Tool

That’s right, Facebook has an audience targeting tool built-in to the interface. The Facebook Audience Insights Tool gives advertisers valuable information about their audience’s geography, demographics, and purchase behavior. This way, you have a better idea of who to target your advertising towards and how to shape your advertising to be more appealing to your target demographic. Here are three helpful ways to use the Facebook Audience Insights Tool to target your audience.

  • You can adjust what you post on your business’s Facebook to be seen by only people in your area. So, if you have several business locations, you can make sure that more people in those areas are seeing your business’s Facebook posts. Or, if you want to target one larger area, like the New England area, without targeting the whole United States, you can set that preference as well.
  • You can see many details about your audience, including education, political leanings, age, and so much more! Use this information to see who is visiting your page the most, then shape your posts to cater to those groups.
  • This is a great feature to help you find out what your audience likes. You can see what your audiences highest interests are, including hobbies, entertainment, food and drink, fashion, and much more! This feature is helpful because you can see what your audience is already interacting with, then shape your content to be more closely aligned with their interests, therefore raising the likelihood of interaction with your posts.

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