How to Generate Leads Online with your Blog

how to generate leads online

Let your blog be your salesperson, working to help you generate leads online.

How do words on a webpage help you to generate leads online? As a business owner, you’re probably told time and time again how important blogs are when it comes to SEO, and while the technical aspects may be foreign to you, you get the gist. This isn’t the only thing you can gain from blogging, though. When you have a blog attached to your company, you’ve got an ever-present salesman knocking on doors, making cold calls, and working to generate leads online.

How to Generate Leads Online

  1. Don’t focus on sales. It seems counterintuitive, but when you’re trying to draw online leads to your business, your focus shouldn’t be on peddling your products and services. Instead, aim to create connections. Answer questions, address concerns, and impart your expertise. If people trust your knowledge, they’ll trust your business.
  2. Call the people to action. A call to action is a standard element of any blog, but it’s important to reiterate its necessity in terms of generating leads online. Your CTA should give people a way to take their newfound information, and apply it to your business. Offer deals like free consultations or blog subscriptions in order to keep customers interested and coming back.
  3. Be present. The key to figuring out how to generate leads online is to realize that it’s about creating a community. When you blog regularly and consistently, you become a “go to” person in the eyes of each of your followers. When their friends ask for recommendations, their minds will jump to your business first because they will feel like they have a real relationship with you and your business. This can only happen when your presence is reliable.
  4. Headlines are heroes. The headlines of your blogs are almost more valuable than the rest of your blog. You have two major opportunities with each headline. First, you can really drive your keywords into the spotlight. Second, you can draw in readers and pull random browsers right into your content. This is a key way to pull in brand new leads.

Measuring ROI of Blogging

While site traffic, likes, and shares are one measurement of the ROI of blogging, you’ll see your most important growth in the relationships you build, and the loyal customers you gain. Take a step back and evaluate your success after six months of blogging.

  1. Do you see a growing network of relationships, both with fellow industry members, and customers?
  2. Are you viewed positively in your community as an expert in your field?
  3. Do you have a steady flow of referrals and repeat customers?
  4. Are you attracting high quality customers that remain loyal and use your services often?

How to Generate Leads Online with Adventure Web Interactive

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