adventure web interactive facebook marketing

How Effective Marketing is Possible Without Paying Facebook

adventure web interactive facebook marketing

Don’t fall for expensive Facebook ads! Use organic marketing instead.

We all know just how important a role Facebook plays when it comes to social media digital marketing. Facebook was the original social media platform, and to this day, remains the website with the highest number of users. Plus, unlike some other platforms, Facebook has the highest percentage of adults versus teenagers and children, which means the highest number of potential customers for your business! Facebook is one of the most easy-to-use and effective platforms of social media for marketing use. Unfortunately, Facebook has taken advantage of its popularity and has places most advertisements or marketing opportunities behind a rather expensive paywall. However, did you know that Adventure Web Interactive’s social media blogging and posting package doesn’t pay Facebook a cent? The key lies in how our SEO experts craft our content. Interested in learning how the online marketing experts at Adventure Web Interactive have learned to bypass the expensive Facebook advertising paywall? Read this!

Making Organic Marketing Content 

The most important aspect to remember when it comes to online marketing is that the “purchased Internet ad” era as the sole form of marketing has come to a close. Now, it’s all about search engine optimization, and Facebook heavily relies on SEO-based algorithms as well. By implementing elements of organic SEO into your posts, you can bypass the need for expensive advertisements that will likely be blocked by an ad blocker or subscription fee anyways. Organic SEO works remarkably well for Facebook and can help naturally draw client leads into your business in a natural manner of progression, not via an annoying advertisement. 

Post Embedding on Facebook

We’ve talked about the critical role weekly blogging plays in generating client lead website traffic. But, when aggregated to Facebook and other social media, you can also expect to see redirected future customers viewing your social media page! Keeping an updated, curated social media page is key to keeping your ranks in search engines but also in recommendations to future leads. All of this is possible just by posting your content once a week. 

Interesting Facebook Social Media Posts

We’ve all seen ads before where a business has paid into Facebook’s marketing program. All over the post, it says “Ad, Paid Promotion,” and the like. And on top of that ugly mess, the post generally isn’t very interesting. A potential customer will likely see that it’s an ad and quickly scroll or block. But by using Adventure Web Interactive’s organic blogging with interesting topics, your click-thru rate will be much higher without sending any extra money to Facebook. 

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