Four Web Design Tips to Convert Leads to Customers

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Having a streamlined web design is one of the best ways to up conversion rates. Adventure Web Interactive can help with that!

Did you know that over 50% of consumers buy online simply because they want to compare prices on items? It can take weeks or months for potential buyers to decide on products or services, especially with the often expensive B2B offerings. Usually, buyers will come in contact with hundreds of pages of web content, like video streams, review websites, online chat services, and many more before they even reach a business page. Turning your potential leads into solid customers is the end goal of any business, but how can that be done with all the clutter they must wade through before they even reach a legitimate e-Commerce site? The answer lies in having expert-crafted, hand-tailored web design from a reputable creator like Adventure Web Interactive. Adventure Web Interactive can ensure your business will become the final destination of the customer’s purchasing journey by using these smart web design tips. 

Make the Landing Pages Stand Out

Landing pages are wherever the lead comes in from, likely from Google or other search engines. More often than not, the most popular landing page is the home page of the website, just because that is the most easily optimized page that is fit for Google searching. However, any page can become a landing page, especially if your website utilizes an SEO blog service or has an open pricing page incorporated into the web design. Therefore, the web design on any pages that are meant to be directly used as source points for search engines to pick up should be eye-catching, user-friendly, and optimized for quick load times so the lead will be able to distinguish your business from all the other websites they have encountered. 

Eliminate Any Web Design Barriers

Unfortunately, a lot of older web design techniques forced customers to click around lots of pages to actually find exactly what they are looking for, such as contact information or, in worst cases, products or services offered. A good web design, like one crafted by Adventure Web Interactive, will have all relevant information located on every single page, or at least a very streamlined way to access that information. For example, keeping all contact info and the location of your business towards the top and the bottom of the page will deter leads from getting lost in the web design.

Test the Web Design

Adventure Web Interactive prides itself on high-quality work, and that can only be achieved through weeks of testing phases before a release. Websites shouldn’t be buggy or impossible to use, so it’s always important to test numerous times in order to make your business’s web design the best it can be.

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