Fixing Your High Bounce Rate

A high bounce rate on your website can be alarming. But when is it a problem, and how can we fix it? Take a look!

Bounce rate isn’t always the best metric for measuring your website’s success. Depending on the nature of the webpage and the goals of your business, a relatively high bounce rate is to be expected—even welcomed. But if you notice astronomically high bounce rates (above around 70%) on a page designed to drive leads, something could be amiss. Here are some tips on how to fix your high bounce rate and generate more conversions on your website.

Keep Your Content Relevant

Let’s start with a tip that is especially pertinent to blog writing: relevance. All too often, bloggers pursue a keyword without keeping their content relevant. Remember that the goal of your blog posts and similar content isn’t just to drive traffic to your site, but also genuinely to help people seeking information. Failure to do so will inevitably result in a high bounce rate.

Clarify Your CTA

You don’t have to design every single page on your website around a call to action. But some pages should exist exclusively to funnel potential customers toward the services or products you provide. If you notice a high bounce rate for such a page in your analytics, take a look at your CTA. Is it clear? Is it simple?

Having too many CTAs is a trap countless web designers have fallen into. Don’t be next—it could easily do more harm than good. Keep it simple, singular, and succinct.

Simplify Navigation

Have you ever found yourself on a business’ website, simply unsure of how to navigate it? Complex and convoluted web design can cause conversions to tank. You will inevitably see a high bounce rate as a result.

There is a time for complexity. Designing a website is not one of those times. At any given time and on any given page, it should be crystal clear where your customers should go next. Throughout every step of designing your website, you should strive toward simplified navigation.

Improve Load Times

In 2021, we live in a world where we expect everything to be instantaneous. We want our technology to operate as quickly as possible, and become frustrated when it does not. Most web browsers expect pages to load in as little time as half a second. If your load times go over two seconds, people will bounce.

The quality of your webpages is—of course—important. But if your load times are too long, people won’t have the patience to even get to the content. Improve your website’s load times, and watch as your bounce rate falls.

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