Fake LinkedIn Profiles Are Popping Up All Over


fake linkedin profiles,hackersFake internet accounts are nothing new. They’ve been around since the birth of every single social media site in existence. This time however, we are specifically talking about fake LinkedIn profiles. LinkedIn, the “facebook for professional companies,” is a hot bed of fake profiles. Today we’re going to be talking about why someone would want to create a fake profile and how you can spot them. Ready to dive in? Let’s take a look.

Why create fake LinkedIn profiles?

There are many reasons to create a false account on LinkedIn. For example, what if you wanted to connect with a high profile business, but you weren’t popular or powerful enough to really connect with them yourself? With fake LinkedIn profiles, you can make multiple attempts to connect with someone not as a sales rep, but as a CEO. You can appear to others as a highly influential person with a lot of money and power, making your infinitely more attractive. Another reason that people might create fake LinkedIn profiles is to conduct surveillance and network. You can learn a lot about the other members of this social network by engaging with them and then linking up with them. LinkedIn accounts with many connections can be sold for a handsome price, believe it or not. Suddenly, fake LinkedIn profiles sound pretty insidious right? Well, here’s the thing: They’re easy to spot.

Spot the fake LinkedIn profiles.

All you need to do if you sense a fake profile is perform a reverse image search. Nine times out of ten, this will lead you to the original stock photo that the faker was using. However, you can also spot fake LinkedIn profiles by the number of their connections and the nature of them. Do they claim to be a major CEO and only have forty connections? Are they inundated with random companies that don’t seem to hold a clear connection? They’re probably fake.

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