Facebook: New And Advanced Insight Dashboard

Looking for ways to engage your audience and drive more sales to your company successfully? If yes, you should create a Facebook Fan page because Facebook has introduced a new and improved insight dashboard to help collect statistics on your page content’s weekly reach and virality. To learn about how this new and improved insight dashboard can help bring exceptional growth to your business, read below.

Facebook has new insight and data points for Facebook page admins, including a range of visual charts to make data easier to interpret.

People Talking About This

This tab under your new analytical data shows you the number of people that create stories using the content from your page, also known as the weekly reach and virality.

The people accountable under the ‘People Talking About This’ tab are unique users who have, in some way, shared your content. The more people that talk about your content, the more opportunity you will have for your content to be distributed through out the world wide web. The people who have seen any of your messages will be under weekly total reach.


The virality measures the likelihood of a person to share your content with their friends. This is a useful measurement because it can indicate to you what kind of posts your audience will most likely respond to and buy from you a service or products.

For more information on the new and improved Facebook Insight, read this article from TheNextWeb.com.

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