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Content Marketing with Facebook: Improving Your Businesses Organic Reach

content marketing

We can work with you to develop content marketing and SEO strategies that improve your businesses organic reach on Facebook.

Is your commercial business looking to increase your audience and level of engagement on Facebook? If so, Adventure Web Interactive can help your company develop a social media and content marketing strategy to improve your businesses organic reach. When implementing content onto your social media page, you’ll want to incorporate top keywords so that your business can be found by consumers browsing through Facebook searching for services or targeted keywords. We can work with you to develop content marketing and SEO strategies that improve your businesses organic reach on Facebook so that you can focus on running your business instead.

Content Marketing: SEO Keywords are Essential

It’s essential to upload content onto your social media platforms that implement SEO keywords to increase your businesses organic reach. At Adventure Web Interactive, part of our social media marketing strategy includes content creation that weaves rich keywords into text to boost your businesses presence on digital platforms. Our strategic, content marketing can increase your organic reach on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more. 

Keep Track of Facebook Audience Insights

Did you know that Facebook provides Audience Insights for every post on your commercial businesses Facebook page? By keeping track of your audience insights, you can gain an insiders look on the behaviors of your audience and tailor your posts accordingly. Facebook Audience Insights include unfollows related to recent posts, engagements with individual posts, and actions taken with each specific post. Our skilled social media team can track your audience insights for any content post they create and adjust your weekly content accordingly. As your audience engagement grows, so will your audience!

Post Engaging Content and Ask Open-Ended Questions

Another surefire way to generate audience engagement is through posting engaging content with open-ended questions. Whether you’ve got a few seasonal drinks on your restaurant’s menu that you’re looking forward to sharing with your audience or have a hit summer menu, it’s important to incorporate engaging content that will encourage your audience to answer back in the comments. One of the perks of engaging your audience is that their comment on your Facebook page will show up in their friend’s Facebook newsfeed, which increases your chances of growing your audience!

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