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Tips for Building Social Media Engagement with Livestreaming

livestreaming adventure web interactive

If properly done, livestreaming can build your audience by word of mouth, and algorithms will naturally promote it because of that engagement.

Livestreaming is a great way to build relationships with your audience, but it can also fail in a big way. If properly done, livestreaming can build your audience by word of mouth, and algorithms will naturally promote it because of that engagement. 

Consistent Schedule

As with any social media management, consistent and timely posting is integral to successful engagement. Livestreaming is hard to schedule until you understand when your audience uses whatever platform you will be livestreaming from. If your target demographic is stay-at-home moms, consider a midday livestream to interact with them. If your business targets young professionals, choose to livestream on weekdays after work or do short lives during lunch. The weekend would not be a scheduling option for young professionals because, generally speaking, no professional is working during the weekend. Livestream every week at the same time for the same amount of time, and your audience will schedule it into their day.

Hire Moderators

Once you begin gaining an audience, consider designating the same people to talk to and others to moderate the comment section. An active comment section shows the platform that your livestream is engaging and it will then push it to the general public. However, there are bots and trolls that can overrun a comment section and ruin a livestream. Moderators mute or block individual accounts from a livestream to protect the streamers and the audience members. Platforms like Twitch have built-in mechanisms that streamers utilize, but most people who livestream have no idea what those programs are. So, invest in a moderator who understands the target audience and the message you are curating.

Invite Guests and Speakers

In a lot of ways, a livestream is like a business conference. There is a general theme for the day, a presentation, and a question and answer section. The best part of a livestream, is the opprotunity for discussion after the presentation. As a business, you have access to professionals most people would never think to engage with. An executive in the marketing department may be able to offer advice to young grads in your audience or explain messages behind your business’s advertising. Some platforms allow you to invite someone during a livestream and they will be able to project your livestream from their account, doubling your audience. 

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