7 Proactive Marketing Techniques for Businesses During the COVID-19 Crisis

marketing techniques during covid-19 crisis

Explore seven marketing techniques your business can use to adapt during the COVID-19 crisis.

The past few months have been an ever-evolving and unpredictable time, particularly for small business owners who have to find ways to adapt quickly. One of the ways in which businesses have had to evolve is by changing their marketing strategies. As you discover ways to continue to serve your customers and bring in revenue, you must also make sure your marketing plan is serving you well. The following proactive marketing techniques are recommended to help you get ahead of changing customer behaviors. 

Adapt Your Current Messaging

You should first make sure that your brand messaging acknowledges the current crisis and aligns with the latest measures put in place by your state. Be mindful of showing compassion towards your consumers and conveying a reassuring message

Try a New Platform

If you traditionally use email to connect to your clients, you may want to change up your marketing techniques. You can switch to social media, for instance, or if you only use social media, you can begin to use email. Switching up your platforms is a technique that can bring you to the attention of a new type of client. 

Consider Contribution, Not Just Conversion

Studies have shown that consumers are interested in companies that are helping others. By showing your compassionate side and giving back a portion of your proceeds or donating to a local organization, you can gain not only an admirable reputation but even new clients. 

Offer a Special Promotion

Even if your business doesn’t usually offer promotions or discounts, special promotions are one of the most well-proven marketing techniques for attracting new business. People are extremely money-conscious right now and will most likely take advantage of a good deal. 

Consider Digital Branded Content

More and more people are getting their news online, so why not consider advertising online as well? Maintaining an online presence with branded content like videos, articles, infographics, and more on your website and social media pages can help clarify your brand messaging

Make Sure You Have an Online Presence

In 2020, it is essential for any business to have an online presence. If you have been putting off designing your website, or your site is in dire need of an update, now is the perfect time to refresh your online presence. Working with an online marketing company like Adventure Web Interactive can ensure that your website is optimized for excellent performance and ease of use. 

Create Your Future Plan

While addressing your present needs, you must also consider the future. Consider how your business can move forward as the situation changes over time. Researching similar businesses and their strategies can help you brainstorm the best course of action for your business. Whatever your plan may be, don’t forget to consider your marketing techniques carefully. 

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