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6 Innovative UX/UI Design Trends of 2021

6 Innovative UX/UI Design Trends of 2021 adventure web interactive

With the increase in virtual and remote working cultures, UX/UI trends have drastically changed throughout the year

Users visit hundreds of websites every day, and businesses have to be extra creative and innovative to draw their attention. With the increase in virtual and remote working cultures, UX/UI trends have drastically changed throughout the year. Business owners focus on the visual appeal and usability of their web solutions to attract potential customers. Let’s go over some of the latest UI/UX design trends of 2021.


Minimalism is a popular aesthetic choice in interior design and fashion, and it has expanded to the digital world as well. People are constantly bombarded with various advertisements and notifications, and they are overwhelmed with information. To avoid such overwhelm, web designers are looking to make their graphics and websites simpler and easier to use. It is crucial to highlight a product’s best qualities properly and convey the right emotions to customers. Design elements that are purely for decorative purposes only become irrelevant.


In 2021, web designers started a brand new trend known as glassmorphism. This trend is named from the blur effect or the blurred background. When people look at this design element, gives the appearance of looking through the glass. This gives the website a sleek and sophisticated appearance. It is popularly used in high-end brands and companies.

Bold Typography

Bold typography is an excellent way to grab users’ attention when they first land on your website. Unique fonts stand out from their surroundings and demand to be read. Many popular brands and websites are incorporating more adventurous fonts in their websites to advertise their products.

Colorful Backgrounds

Along with bold fonts, colorful backgrounds have also increased in popularity. Nowadays, it is trendy to use gradients to create unique color schemes. Designers use anywhere from 2-10 colors to make eye-catching gradients for their websites. The combination of bold colors and fonts can take any website to the next level.

Working from Home

The pandemic and subsequent quarantine have changed the way many of us do our jobs. Now, more people are choosing to work from home instead of in the office. Web designers have caught on to this change and are crafting their websites with this cultural shift in mind. Businesses and employees alike have begun to prioritize features that reduce the current headaches associated with working from home, such as lag times, stronger privacy features, and a more accessible download and installation process.  

Mobile-First Design

The majority of internet users use their mobile devices to go online. So, web designers have adapted to a mobile-first approach when creating UI/UX designs. To ensure consistent usability across all devices, UX designers should prioritize responsive and functional mobile interfaces.

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