5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Call-to-Action Ideal for Marketing

Have you ever watched a YouTube video and at the end the presenter says something like “If you liked my video, please click below to subscribe and follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram”? If so, then you know what a Call-To-Action is. Your call-to-action is the way that you get your fans, follows, or readers to do whatever it is you want them to do, be that subscribing to your content, calling your store, or visiting your website. It is usually a button, link, or clickable image that prompts your reader to do the next step in your sales funnel. It doesn’t work all on it’s own, however.  It should follow a strong statement of your marketing case. Usually, a call-to-action will appear at the end of a blog post, although you also often see them on social media posts and at various places on a webpage. The purpose is to make it very easy for your potential customers to know what to do next and to actually do it, and therefore increase your business. Learning how to write a strong call-to-action is essential to a good marketing strategy.

Be Assertive

There are times when a subtle hand is best, but your call-to-action is not that place. It should be a direct, assertive sell. Don’t be afraid to ask directly for the order, click, or whatever. This is not the place to worry about coming off as too sales-focused. Your readers are expecting to be compelled to action and given a direction on what to do next, so give it to them. Finally, use active language that describes the action you want them to take: Download, Call, Click, Reserve, etc.

Add Urgency

Your call-to-action should impart a sense of urgency, even when there isn’t any. For example, “Call us today to discuss your options” has more urgency than simply “Call us!” And if there actually is urgency to your call-to-action, like your reservations might fill up or there are limited free seats to your seminar, make sure that you include that information.

Include a Benefit

Will your readers save 25%, secure free passes, or get a gift if they order today? Readers are more likely to respond to your call-to-action if they get something out of it. Part of your call-to-action needs to be about the benefit that your potential customers will get.

Choose the Right Words

Be authentic in your call-to-action and true to your voice and brand. Don’t shift into a different style or tone and skip the jargon. A shift in tone or style could make you seem less genuine and trustworthy.

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