5 Signs for the Future of Social Media

5 Signs for the Future of Social MediaThere no doubt at all that social media marketing has long since been a massive channel of internet marketing professionals all around the world. When social media platforms initially came out, many people decried it as a temporary fad that would pass over time. So that raises an interesting question: will social media die in the future? The short answer is simple: not at all. Social media is here to stay. However, there is no doubting the fact that social media platforms are still evolving. Here is a list of the five trends that social media is moving towards in the future.

Banner Blindness

As advertising continues to permeate all aspects of social media, one thing is becoming abundantly clear: the end-user is wising up. They’re becoming more and more desensitized to advertisements. Fewer and fewer ads get clicked on every single day. The consequence of this is that businesses have to rethink and retool their social media strategy.

Influencers Are Everywhere

One way that one can rethink their social media strategy is to start leveraging influencer marketing. People love to follow social media influencers, or people with massive, almost cult-like followers. Leverage sponsored posts on influencer profiles to connect with your audience in an age when the standard advertising schemes aren’t cutting it. To keep generating traffic, consider looking outside social media to SEO.

Political Posts

Plenty of social media platforms have taken a stronger stance against the pervasiveness of fake news on its platform. Still, there is no way of keeping all political content out of social media. Expect to see lots of political figures use social media all the more in the future as the internet keeps breaking down communication barriers between the public and state officials.

Video Content

Now that most of us have access to high-speed internet, video is now becoming the preferred format for content consumption. This includes social media too. Take for instance, social media platforms like Tik Tok and YouTube, both of which are video-based.

Mobile-Focused Social Media Platforms

Lastly, expect more and more social platforms to begin focusing on their mobile experience. Snapchat, for instance, only has a mobile app. Some of these platforms are inaccessible without downloading the app. This is a trend that we may see more of, as most people access these websites on their smartphones instead of a traditional computer or laptop.

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