4 Ways To Convert More Prospects By Creatively Making Your Case


Creating quality content is essential for any business!

The headline draws them in. And then the opening copy keeps prospects holding on and reading more. The specific benefits give them hope that they have found the solution to their problems or inquiries. And then, you ask for a sale with a creative call to action. A total win, right? Then why do you still find yourself disappointed with the results? While you are probably doing a lot and making some sales, you could be making a lot more sales if you consider making your case. Your headline, lead, and benefits are the promise. And then, when you make assertions about your product or service, you need the prospect actually to believe. This is where content marketing enters the equation.

Providing Value With The Right Information

Giving prospects reassurance that they are in fact making the right decision is a sure-fire way to make the sale. As a result, providing enough information to get prospects interested in your product or service is what content marketing is all about.

Provide Data To Make A Stronger Case

People love data. Knowing statistics is a wonderful way to get your prospects to believe your pitch honestly. In fact, providing prospects with various scientific studies that bolster your claims can be a useful tactic towards actually making that sale.

Use Outside Authority

We are not all experts. However, finding authority within an industry and citing them as sources of valuable information that reiterates what you are selling is an unbelievable way to attract prospects to your product or service.

Use Measurable Facts

Similar to data, measurable facts are easily digestible for prospects to consume. As a result, they can be gold when it comes to making the sale. Depending on what you are selling, there can be general claims that can be supported by measurable facts to help your prospects believe you.

Bottom Line

In the end, it’s not about the amount of copy you generate. What actually matters is attracting those prospects that desire more facts and figures to get onboard!

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