4 Popular Web Design Trends of 2021

4 Popular Web Design Trends of 2021 advp

If you want to keep up with changing trends, updating your website to reflect the latest innovations is smart.

In today’s digital age, having a quality website for your business is the best way to boost sales and traffic. Users are drawn to websites that have smooth, accessible, and cohesive designs. However, the trends are constantly changing. Design components that were once innovative and unique have now become dated and overdone. If you want to keep up with changing trends, updating your website to reflect the latest innovations is smart. We here at Adventure Web Interactive have years of experience in creating unique and modern websites for all types of businesses. Want to improve your company’s website and generate more customers? Let’s go over some of the latest web design trends of this year.

Dark Mode

You have probably noticed that many social media platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram, have included a “dark mode” option. Dark mode replaces the empty white space with a dark background. Dark mode serves a few beneficial purposes. 

First, it is beneficial in reducing eye strain. As we all know, prolonged screen exposure can cause discomfort and irritation to the eyes. Additionally, dark mode lends a more aesthetic and modern touch than traditional white space, or “light mode.” 

Lastly, dark mode makes design elements more visible and adds contrast to your website.

Asymmetrical Layouts

Symmetry has been the default for web design for a long time. But lately, more websites with asymmetrical layouts have been popping up; and with great success too! Asymmetric layouts allow you to be more bold and daring, freeing up your creativity. You can still pull focus towards specific elements by playing around with the sizes. A good rule of thumb to remember is that viewer’s eyes are naturally drawn to larger objects on the page.


Accessibility is the procedure of making your website usable for as many people as possible. Website accessibility is more than just a trend. It is ensuring that all people can access and enjoy your website as it was intended. Unfortunately, it is common that people with disabilities are often excluded from the conversation of accessibility in the digital world. You can add accessible features to your website, such as subtitles, transcripts, and sound recordings. Making your site more inclusive will ultimately help expand your target audience.

Bold Fonts

Bold typography is very on-trend these days. Using bold, heavy fonts, especially near the top of the page, will instantly draw the reader’s eye to the text. Use this technique when you have important information that you don’t want your audience to miss. Make sure to use a font that matches your brand, audience, and goal for your business.

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