4 Essential Skills of a Successful Social Media Manager

Social media is a valuable marketing tool for your business.

Social media is a valuable marketing tool for your business. If you are responsible for overseeing the social media pages for your business, you are a social media manager. Every social media manager needs the following skills to be as successful as possible.

Excellent Reading and Writing

Even if you are only writing short, punchy captions, you need to make them as interesting as possible. Besides catching the eye of viewers, you need to make sure that everything you write makes sense and is mistake-free. If you allow what you write to get out online riddled with errors, it will look bad for you and your business. Try and develop a voice that reflects the personality of your business, and use that to make your social media profiles jump off the screen. It is important to be concise because you’ve only got so many characters to make a connection with your followers.

Understanding SEO

You will also want to learn everything you possibly can about SEO (search engine optimization). This means that you can make your posts even more visible on standard search engines such as Google and Bing. Posts that get more attention will rank better. The higher your ranking in web searches is, the more visibility you will have online.

Working with Customers

Your customers and clients are going to help make your posts even more powerful. When you work as a social media manager, working with customers is bound to be part of your routine. Respond to their communication as quickly as possible. Even if someone posts a negative review, you should respond and ask them to contact you to discuss how to improve the situation moving forward. Potential clients learn more about your business by seeing how you respond to criticism than to praise.

Creating Videos

Compelling and entertaining videos can make a huge difference. Work with your video department to brainstorm and film videos, and then edit them and optimize them to ensure the best possible video quality. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube all provide platforms for you to post your video content. Use the videos to show off what your business does and how you can serve your customers.

Social Media Tips from Adventure Web Interactive

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