Monthly Archives:: September 2010

Where’s Google going?

All the hype over Google Instant has overshadowed Google’s efforts to take on Facebook with a social network of its own. Many have seen this coming through Google’s acquisitions recently. Now rumor has it that the network, Google Me, is coming this fall and far from being an alternative to Facebook, it will be a layer of social media features added to its existing products.

Searching for Google Instant answers

As we predicted a couple weeks ago, when we first posted about Google Instant, there’s a lot of discussion about its impact on search engine optimization (SEO). As a quick review, Google Instant is a new feature in which Google returns results as you type. As this article points out, there’s still a lot to hash out when it comes to the influence of Google Instant on your SEO.

How to choose a Web site designer

Whenever you look up criteria for choosing a contractor, you see the same things over and over: Find out how much experience they have, get references, and check their credentials. When if comes to choosing a Web site designer, these are easy tasks. A designer’s work and clients are out there on the Web for all to see. So what else can you use to pick the right designer? Here are some ideas.